of disloyal stalkers

Health issues and crazy work hours made it near-impossible to come back to the blog, so i was off the grid for a while, and I really really missed you!

You may remember how last week was super-eventful with the anonymous letter. I got a lot of helpful advice from blinksan, Mitch, Ruth, Martha, Satavaesa, Michelle, and Aussa. Thank you guys, I appreciate it 🙂

Now that I am better and hopefully work issues are all sorted out, I have so much to talk about!

I was planning to follow Mitch’s advice on keeping track of my surroundings, trying to check if someone moved when I arrived on the scene, but nothing out of the ordinary has happened so far. No more letters came my way. To be honest, I was a teensy bit disappointed. But I guess I should also be relieved, going by the popular opinion about these things.

Despite all votes going to tell the boyfriend, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My anonymity gives me privileges that I’m not ready to give up, not just yet. So while I know it’s risky business and he really needs to know, he already does coz he reads this blog.

At this point I can’t help smiling because I can imagine all the (two? three?) male readers of this blog wondering if they live with anawnimiss.


That put me in a nice mood. So here’s a little mind game for you (inspired by the sleuthing suggested by Mitch, and at this point I’m addressing only my male readers, of course) — hold your girlfriend’s hand tonight and say, flibbertygibber aside, I love you. If she seems clueless, you know she’s not anawnimiss, but that makes her smile anyway. But if she does seem to know what you’re talking about (not gonna happen, consummate actor that I am), maybe you can ask her about the letter, and maybe she I will tell you!

Do tell me how it worked out for you 🙂

But now I have to run to work! Laters!


Oh wait! There’s more to this story.

As you may already know by now, I started receiving notes from a stalker in January 2014. I was thrilled at first, this being my first stalker and all, but people drilled some sense into me, and I started taking things a little more seriously.  I kept watch for a few days, and nothing happened, which is when I wrote this post.

Anyway, I received a second note in February 2014, which brought me some guilty pleasure (and a lot of unsolicited advice from the fiance, which I didn’t talk about then because he used to read my blog).  Then Aussa pointed out that my stalker was a creature of habit and there was a rhythm to his creepiness. His notes were timed, exactly a month apart. That brings us to this disastrous attempt at a stakeout.

There! That’s all there is to it!

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