of the time I checked out my naked attacker

I know I know, it’s been a while and you’ve forgotten all about the naked attacker. Here’s something to jog your memory:

Then suddenly, someone snuck up on me and grabbed me from behind. I went from ooooh, so he wants to make out on the road, that’s forward but I like the idea to he’s still talking, why can’t I hear his voice behind me to so it can’t be him to holy fuck who is this behind me to fuck fuck a naked man’s penis is pressed into my thong-clad ass and I can feel his balls and his unfriendly arm is around my neck what does he want from me within a split second.

Remember now? Awesome. Moving along, then!

So I was late from work another time, about  a month after I was attacked. Imagine my horror when I had to park in the EXACT SAME SPOT as that fateful night. Continue reading of the time I checked out my naked attacker

of my naked attacker

This is a story from about a year ago, which is when I had just moved into the last house I lived in. It was a few blocks away from the mister’s house (which is where I live now). It was also around the same time I started working at this hell hole of an office. In fact, it may have been the first month of my new found love for western formals and high heels.

I was working late that night, so it was 10:30 by the time I got home. I had no energy to cook, so the mister offered to save some food for me. I was to call him when I reached home, and he would bring it to me while he walked his dog. Yes, he’s sweet like that.

Since it was late, I had to park a little far from home, in a dimly lit corner next to a park. I would normally not park that far, but beggars =/= choosers. You know. So I was in the car for about 5 min, putting the gear lock in place, moving all the papers out of the car, putting my pen drive in the bag. I got out, and called the mister. I was going tick-tock-tick-tock as I simpered on the phone. He said something barely borderline-funny, and I laughed really loud. But then, we were newly-beds, so I found ALL his jokes funny. Continue reading of my naked attacker

of stalkers at stake

My stalker left his first note on 11-January and a second note on 10Feb. Or was it the other way round?

Anyway. Seeing as it is that time of the month again, I decided to stalk my stalker back.

I had three ideas:

1. I wake up really early and sneak Continue reading of stalkers at stake

of right and wrong

A new note, stuck to the car just like the first. You know you shouldn’t open it, but you do.

You look radiant in yellow. It makes your skin glisten and your eyes sparkle. I like that.

It’s back, the thumping of the heart. You crumple the note and fling it away. It’s the right thing to do. You’re fighting a strong urge to look around to see if someone’s watching from the shadows. But you don’t. You won’t give this guy the pleasure of knowing he got to you. Continue reading of right and wrong

of disloyal stalkers

Health issues and crazy work hours made it near-impossible to come back to the blog, so i was off the grid for a while, and I really really missed you!

You may remember how last week was super-eventful with the anonymous letter. I got a lot of helpful advice from blinksan, Mitch, Ruth, Martha, Satavaesa, Michelle, and Aussa. Thank you guys, I appreciate it 🙂

Now that I am better and hopefully work issues are all sorted out, I have so much to talk about!

I was planning to follow Mitch’s advice on Continue reading of disloyal stalkers