of parking problems

The guy who heads our admin department is a jackass. There, I said it. Putting my anonymity to good use, aren’t I?

Once, I was sitting on the pot inside the ladies’ loo, pooping. To my horror, someone poured water all over my bare behind from a hole in the wall where the exhaust used to be.

I wrote to the admin head about it, and he didn’t even respond. I crossed him twice during the next hour (yeah, I was loitering on purpose) but he didn’t bring it up.

I know. Jackass.

So today I was talking to a new employee who was upset that he didn’t have a parking spot, and a nice email-chain-triggered-by-naked-attacker memory came back.

Kinda related to the naked attacker episode.

Here. These pictures are worth a thousand words.

mail 1Separator

mail 2Separator

Mail 3 Separatormail 4Separator


Oh, and I should tell you the real reason why people can’t park outside office. The space is “reserved for senior managerment” as per the security guard. And the best spot is reserved for the Admin head.

Told you he was a jackass.


P.S. Sorry, the words “security” and “parking” are highlighted coz these were my keywords. I hate it when Google does this.


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7 thoughts on “of parking problems”

    1. When I read the last “resolution” email, I wanted to slap the guy, but then realized he was two-faced. I couldn’t decide which side to slap first!


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